This department is the bridge between our other departments and the general public, specifically students. This department provides students and skilled individuals with necessary training and opportunities to showcase their skills and to be a part of the products that LTL is a part of.


The ‘Internship Program’ is one such opportunity where the chosen individuals are trained and tested. At the end of the internships, individuals with remarkable achievements are given a chance to join us in our journey. The internship program is highly sought after by students who wish to excel in their career by being familiar with industry trends and working environments.


The ‘Training Program’ is another such opportunity which is mainly targetted at students in the early part of their graduate studies. It gives them an opportunity to start early by getting themselves familiar with new technologies as well as technologies widely used throughout the industry. It helps to prepare them for their careers. At the end of the training program, individuals that performed exceptionally are given the opportunity to join the internship at LTL.