Our Signature product, WildWatch is an integrated human wildlife conflict mitigation system.


RoadWatch is a system developed for the CSI of WTI in order to help them study the number of roadkills happening in India.


A system developed to help map the 4 main poisonous species of snakes throughout India. The system was developed to aid in the study of habitation patterns, population etc.


It is an electric fence monitoring system that is coupled with WildWatch that allows the customers to monitor the status of their electric fence system. It is a compact hardware module that can be easily installed on any fence, big or small.


Web Development

LTL's IT Services division is tightly knit group of creative minds and programmers who work together to churn out wonderful and responsive works of art. Any requirement, be it static or dynamic...we can handle it.

Content Management

Our Media division specializes in marketing and brand management services that are unparalleled. The services cover everything from books to movies. We deliver what we promise.

Cyber Security

Data has become the life-blood of the digital world and we help you in keeping your data secure and private. It always better to be safe than sorry. We ward off the evil eye like no other.

Application Development

Our talented team of developers are skilled in all kinds of magic when it comes to apps. Be it android or iOS, they can handle anything.

Consultancy Services

Other than our own projects, we also provide consultancy services and outsourcing services to other companies that need our skills.

Hosted & Cloud Services

We also undertake services like hosting (cloud/on-premise), server set-up, server management, etc.

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