Leopard Tech Labs is a company founded by two faculty members and some students of Amal Jyothi College of Engineering Kanjirappally. We specializes in wildlife conservation and assistive technologies. The company was registered in 2017. The inception of our company began with a vision to provide bleeding edge technology to users to improve the lives of people. The first project undertaken by the company was the establishment of a state-of-the-art communication network at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It was a way of establishing a communication network from PTR to the farther areas of Thekkady forests for research purposes. This system garnered so much positive reviews and good will and catapulted our company to the forefront of the conservation technology field.

Our next project was an app called the “Big4Mapper” that helps in tracking snakes. This product too was a success and was highly praised for the way it was developed and implemented. Big4Mapper is a mapping system for 4 types of venomous snakes with over 2500 recordings and is one of a kind in India. It has been widely adopted and is supported by the ‘Indian Snake Bite Initiative”. The system was extremely efficient and served its true purpose without any shortcomings.

Our later product “WildWatch”, is a full-fledged multi-module system that can be used to monitor and mitigate human- wildlife conflicts. As there is no consolidated method to inform forest officers quickly about the sightings of wild animals, occurrences and damages related to human-wildlife conflict has increased.

This is where the WildWatch System comes into play with its user-friendly, quick & efficient app which sends alerts to forest officers about the occurrence of such conflicts. The alerts are then processed almost instantly and displayed at the Forest Department’s Control Center thereby alerting the officers and RRT about the conflicts thus ensuring timely action. The system also has hardware components that work in tandem with the app and web interface.

This product is now our signature product with a large amount of praises and successes to its credit. Our 2 nd initiative, WildWatch is funded by the Wlidlife Trust of India (WTI) and the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation (DSWF).

WildWatch provides a streamlined human- wildlife conflict mitigation solution and has received favorable reviews from the early stages itself.

We have also moved into the enterprise product sector as well by providing an innovative portfolio of enterprise solutions.

In a very short period of time, Leopard Tech Labs has positioned itself as a strong and capable IT startup specializing in Conservation technologies and assistive Technologies. Though it gives emphasis and priority to conservation projects, it has a very strong enterprise solutions departments developing state of the art solutions for the enterprise sector. A notable project is the Need2Spot system that was developed here. N2S is an Online directory that provides accurate and useful information to its users like nearby businesses, professionals etc. Another product of the enterprise solutions department is the Encore EAM system. It is a state of the art enterprise asset management system that can cater to enterprises in a multitude of sectors.

A strong and dedicated team of developers along with passionate and professional management personnel make Leopard Tech Labs stand apart from the crowd. Our collective vision and determination make us a dream team in the start-ups sector.

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